Deadwater Kings • Part I ✓

Deadwater Kings • Part I ✓

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❛power isn't everything. it's the only thing.❜  
   wattys 2018 winner ❧  
 Lin is a hunter, one of the magically enhanced witch slayers that roam a flooded world. Under the laws of four Kings and Greymark, who rules them all, Lin is untouchable. She could massacre thousands and no-one would blink. But she is a pawn among Kings, all of them vying for total dominion of the seas and ready to rip each other apart for it.

When Lin carries out a sentence that leaves her plotting revenge against her superiors, she unwittingly explores the multiple fronts to the coming war. Shabina, a leader determined to overthrow the Kings, and Hadrian, a secretive prince born into a game of shadows are but two of them. One thing is certain: they are all willing to burn the world for what they want.

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features complicated friendships, lgbt (and i do mean lgbt) characters, female antiheroes, characters of color, post-apocalyptic feudalism, witches, and cathartic violence.