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Alexia is a member of the Blue Moon pack and she lives with her mother,father and brother in the pack's house. 

Soon,when one of the biggest celebrations for the Moon Goddess is close,the biggest pack in the states,the Shadow Wolves Pack arrives in the territory in order to celebrate with them.

Their Alpha,Alpha Leo is one of the most powerful and strictest in existance. Will his mate be able to handle his possesive manners and jealousy?

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This makes me remember Rikkard Ambrose suddenly.
                              'Cause of the "NOW"
Spelling errors are an entirely different story, cause that is something that can be overlooked. Or ignored.
                              But spaces between punctuation marks?
                              That is something that is too noticeable and if not taken care of, it disrupts the pace of the reader.
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I throw in the fries and the hot oil splatters onto my face and I am scarred for life. Literally.
                              Uh...that was my imagination going crazy
Leggomyeggohoe Leggomyeggohoe Mar 27, 2016
I'm a little busy and it's really important that there's a possibility that I might even die so fûck off please thank you
unaxthetic unaxthetic Mar 03, 2016
My friends name is Alexis....... Well this is gonna get awkward
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I don't know kid, do I look like I care? It's a random number pup, dämn! 
                              -.- I'm so sorry, I just had to. I love kids, no need to worry I just had to snap at him