Love demands all... rightfully without asking

Love demands all... rightfully without asking

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Karan Khanna, the renowned & equally celebrated and controversial lawyer, who has the record of 100% win since he started his career independently. Affording him is not everyone's cup of tea. Widower, he is too much negligence about his daughter. Arrogant and Ruthless in nature he never agreed to re-marry not for he loved his first wife, Geeta, with all his heart but for he didn't want any distraction other than Trisha, in his life that can turn your career into blunder. His life was going perfect as defined, until another ruthless, arrogant but equally loving and caring doctor forced herself into his life.

Dr. Tripura Sundari Nagarajan, famous child psychologist when agreed to give her precious time, taking out from her other engagement with her own trusts for children and others spread all over the country even abroad, to the International School couldn't keep herself away from the little kid of Montessori II. Intimidated by her father the school authority was forced to keep her in their school because they fear losing their reputation, the doctor was least bothered about the father. Her concern was the child, to save her. 

The tale got worse when the two worlds collided. Aggressive in nature, least bothered and interested about his position and glamour she crashed his high esteemed client out and forced herself into the appointment slot of the cruel man hurting his honour and ego. The challenge got worst when Mr. Khanna warned his four year old to keep away from her new ma'am at school and threatened Dr. Nagarajan to doom her career if she dares to brainwash his child any further. 

Both Arrogant, Ruthless, Intimidating in nature with only one different trait in their personality, The Man to be Ignorant and Cruel and The Lady to be Loving and Caring their world clashes, exploring each other and bounded under a contract will Love any day walk silently into their hearts, making it impossible to keep them apart?

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