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My heart rate quickly picks up as Noel slowly advances towards me. I can feel my heart beating fast, like it may pop right out of my chest.   

He stands in front of my table and looks around the cafeteria.

 " I Noel Chandler reject Serena Cole as my mate" He declares.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
I feel my heart breaking but and I bite my lip hard to keep from tears pouring out. I can't show him my  vulnerability  

 " B-But I'm you mate" I say quietly, he laughs slightly. 

 " Babe, your my unwanted mate" he said.

It's S. 18th Birthday today which means she can find her mate, could it be LonelyBoy?!? Who knows! You know you love me! xoxo Gossip Girl
My name is Serina with the (I) ...shoutout to myself😂😂