That Notorious Bad Girl

That Notorious Bad Girl

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M I L L Y By xXwestmorelandXx Updated Nov 30, 2018

Suddenly he felt someone poke him on his arm and he turned around to meet the most beautiful aquamarines which shown like glinting jewels. Her lashes were long and curly, framing her big doe eyes. Her red lips parted slightly as she chewed a gum and her skin gleamed. 

She was angelic.

Then it hit him like lightening . It was Aphrodite Blaze, the rebel in school, the badass, the girl who once set the school on fire, the one who adores challenges and competitions, who stands up for herself if she has to, she's feared by everyone, but he never thought she'd be so beautiful and so exquisite...she's never been so since when he first saw her when they were in kindergarten. 

Snap out of it! He told himself.

He'd realised he'd been staring at her for too long; he simply quirked a brow as she spoke. "Help me get detention. I have a race with Jake." She whispered and he widened his eyes.

"No." He replied flatly.

"Alright just talk to me." She said desperately.

"Nope that is going to help you get detention. I'm not stupid." He turned his head and she did something he'd never expect she'd do. She kicked him where the sun don't shine and he muffled a groan at the intense pain.

"Oh are you okay Harris!" She squeaked and the groan finally tore out from his throat. "Sir he's having panick attacks. I have to take him outside." She said, she was such a good actor. And a bitch at the same time.

After glancing at his horrendous bruises, she looked at his fresh and inviting lips as he did the same. Just as she was about to go in, he turned away and picked a flower off and gave it to her. She smiled at him and he too did smile at her which made her swoon.
Suddenly, she closed the distance between them and grabbed his face, slamming her lips on his furiously. When she realised what she did she pulled back and gasped. "I am so sorry!" 
But he did something both didn't expect, he grabbed her and crushed her lips with his even though he was inexperienced and so was she...

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