Peter Pan {Watty Awards 2k13}

Peter Pan {Watty Awards 2k13}

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jason peter todd. By softhazes Completed

This the story of a girl. 
The story of a girl who wanted an escape. 
The story of a girl who wanted to live. 
Who wanted to fly. 
Experience love. 
Experience magic. 
The story of a girl who didn't want to grow up. 
This is the story of a girl named, Angelique Taylor. 

"To die, would be an awfully big adventure."

[Winner of the Watty Awards - Best in FanFic - Movies - On The Rise]

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As soon as i finished reading the music stopped 
                              Perfect sync💕💕
Crazy-_-squirrels Crazy-_-squirrels Aug 11, 2016
This is Literally my favorite version of Peter Pan... Like I would sit in my room and watch this over and over when I was little.
aRiBelia aRiBelia Aug 12, 2016
"Little boys should never be sent to bed. They always wake up a day older." - Peter 
                              I saw this on Pinterest the other day 😭
Lone_GirlWolf Lone_GirlWolf Feb 18, 2016
Never say Goodbye… for Goodbye… means going away… and going away…… means Forgetting.
                              That's what I always say now, since the 2003 movie.
drunkbellisario drunkbellisario Jan 18, 2016
I speak Spanish, learning English, I think reading this would be a big opportunity to learn something.
Infamous_Queenxx Infamous_Queenxx Dec 31, 2015
*sees the dedication*
                              *votes for story*
                               *crying of happiness*