🔍 Silver Tongue (Slow Updates) 🔎

🔍 Silver Tongue (Slow Updates) 🔎

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Wakanda Forever By rtmwriter Updated Aug 06, 2018

Robin Hood meets James Bond in this new Action Thriller
What do you do when the world's most wanted man goes missing?

That's my problem.

Silver Tongue's a man of many faces; a nightmare to oligarches and a thief of hearts to the common man. There are those who want to kill him, sleep with him or be him. There is no neutral when it comes to Silver Tongue.

Lucky for me, that overachiever's my brother. 

And while he's changing the world, I'm in the nation's capital, confined to my apartment with no social life, and a vague sense of this thing you call freedom. 

Until that letter changed everything. 

Silver Tongue has disappeared and his associates want my help finding him. I'm not sure what they expect me to do, but he is my brother. 

Let's face it. I'm probably going to get myself killed, aren't I?

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