An Arrow or Two || Legolas/LotR

An Arrow or Two || Legolas/LotR

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The Fellowship have united at Rivendell, and Astella is one of them. With her unusual love for archery and adventure, and her kind and trustworthy nature, she is a worthy member of the Fellowship. Underneath her caring outside, there is a strength within her that she needs to discover to become a good fighter and warrior. Using her bow, all of her arrows and the dagger her father gave to her before he deceased at the hand of a pack of Wargs, Astella will fight for what is right; she will fight for what is right for herself and what is right for the Fellowship. 

While venturing with the Fellowship to Mordor - and the end of the world as they know it - she will make friends, enemies and will lose some that are dear to her. This is all expected while on an adventure to save Middle-earth, but is love? A love for a certain son of Thranduil?

Join Astella on her life changing adventure, as the hardships and happiness she will feel need not be alone...

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I so wish I was an elf. More specifically, I wish I was Astella right now.
Castielsbitchacho Castielsbitchacho Aug 25, 2016
I had just finished this book not even 10 minutes ago, and I'm reading it again.
ExtinguishTheFire ExtinguishTheFire Dec 19, 2016
Well I guess if you have ages to live before you do that sort of stuff, you must be an elf.
LuthienSeregon LuthienSeregon May 13, 2016
I`m very curious! What will happen? But now, I`m going to sleep first. It's half past one a.m.... but don't tell anyone, please! See you tomorrow or another day!
Canadian_Elf Canadian_Elf Aug 30, 2016
I remember first reading this in February but it's such a good book I reread it like 10 times!