Forget Me Not || LoZ: BotW {Link x Reader} {Under Heavy Editing!}

Forget Me Not || LoZ: BotW {Link x Reader} {Under Heavy Editing!}

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Queen Of The Clouds By LivFreely Updated Nov 27

"You're my hero,"

Bound to be a sacrifice for the greater good, born under a bad sign, saved from death yet forbidden to love and live - despite defying the heaven's divine will, what if these chains of fate were unbreakable?

"so, no matter what happens, I need you to trust me,"

Worlds colliding after a series of events, star-crossed strangers (Y/n) and Link were cursed individuals, repeating the same cycle over and over. A slave to her cruel past and surrounded by awful tragedies, (Y/n) covers those scars well by reluctantly helping Link fulfill his foretold odyssey of heroism while hiding the fact she is also a long-forgotten maiden of legend. Haunted by a malicious darkness, dreams descending into nightmares, and with the battle just starting, can (Y/n) afford to leap heart first into trouble by challenging destiny and nurturing feelings for a longtime friend, or will ruthless evils, an untimely demise, or other suitors, eternally rip them apart?

"my heart, my soul, my life - everything belongs to you - and if you vow this undying love is worth it,"

Come what may in this adventure of a lifetime - loyalties will be questioned, courage against adversity is tested endlessly, and their resolve must prove to withstand every hardship and heartbreak.

"I'll believe there is hope for us if you just stay alive for me,"

A tale as old as the universe itself, something breathtakingly personal entwined their lives together even death could not kill nor sever.

"from the beginning to the ends of time, it's our ageless promise,"

Embers in the ashes, these fighters until the end are unwilling to accept their unfair destinies obediently. 

"and please, if all else fails, I ask of you to promise me one simple thing,"

As this harrowing story unfolds with the unlikeliest of heroes, a string of heartfelt memories, a single wish, tearful farewells, and opposing the very stars for a love to die for that transcends time and space - can they finally be free?

"Forget Me Not."