His Vampire Mate ✔️[Book 1]

His Vampire Mate ✔️[Book 1]

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Warning: this story contains mature content read on your own risk.


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His Vampire Mate [BOOK 1] 

Book 2 now out!

Previously known as His Human Mate❕

Violet Light just a simple high school student wanting to graduate and move on with her life. Her life is just about getting good grades, trying to make her parents proud even though they have hated Violet, ever since the accident...

Her life with a single blink went upside down when she was kidnapped by Wyatt Woods, an Alpha. 

Zack Gwen, the only day lighter alive other than Violet. Zack who had fallen in love with Violet the minute he saw her. 

What happens when Wyatt has not one but two mates? 

Who will Wyatt chose to become Luna of his pack? 

Will Violet fall in love with Zack? 

Read to find out!!! 

[Werewolf story]

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If I like this book I can assure you I WILL read your other two 😘
I'm guessing you meant in? // just pointing out so that you can fix it and so that others won't.
OMG more shadowhunters fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #CLACE I HEART JACE HERONDALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love u already have got about for of my babies up in this book...
I cant be the only one to mentally scream "OMG CAT VALENTINE 😻😻😻😻... oh wait no its not" right?
KatFlanz KatFlanz Jul 24
Did anyone read "An 17 year old teenager" in a Russian accent? Or is it just me