Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem

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Madison By Daisymadi Updated Apr 01, 2011


It all happened in one swift movement. A single flash of colour and it was over. And I didn't even see it. I'm talking about the accident though, the Change was excruciatingly long and painful. Anyway, the accident... I'm not really sure how to explain it, considering I watched the action from the corner of my eye. It was unnatural, the way they showed up seconds after the change was complete. The way they surrounded us and with a single nod - from the one that I assumed was in charge - they attacked. You could tell that they'd been trained, they moved gracefully, without hesitation, with... purpose. I still wonder what they were...

I had been wandering around the woods with Kira - mostly fighting... She was someone whom I never really liked - feeling uncomfortable. Then I felt sick. It was feeling that I had never experienced before. Really hot, then awfully cold. Sick stomach, pounding headache. A feeling that I never wished to feel again. Then, I Changed... into a... lycan...

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