My dad sold me to be a vampires slave

My dad sold me to be a vampires slave

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LoraliMacyD By LoraliMacyD Updated Sep 05, 2011

I walked down staris because I heard sobbing. " what's going on?" I asked " chessnee dear your father is gone to the market to sell you to a vampire to be their slave." I stood there in shock and ran up to my room noticing my brother Cole was behind me. He pulled me into his lap and let me cry for what felt like hours. 

"chessnee, you will probably be gone by tomorow so let's have a little fun tonight. Let's invite my friends over." 

" how is that fun for me?" I snapped

" you should hear my friends talk about you they think your some goddesse or something."

" sure you can invite them over they will never see me again."

Right as the doorbell rang my dads car pulled into the garage he swung the door open and yelled " great news we are rich I sold you to the vampire king and he payed me extra for bringing you by soon." but the door was open and all the guys heard it. I ran up to my room knowing everbody was following me. I fell onto the bed and Blake the guy who got in my room first ...

andrewsp987 andrewsp987 Oct 20, 2017
Hey guys, the author is probably very annoyed with all the negative comments. One person said the comment, now its just rude that everyone's saying it over and over. Say something positive, yeah?
Kir5tyBooks97 Kir5tyBooks97 Mar 17, 2016
Try putting more detail and emotion into it. Don't rush it. Its to fast buildup the plot.
tofuisthesenpai tofuisthesenpai Mar 14, 2016
This story moves too fast and the grammar needs to be worked on....
Angel-Mickie Angel-Mickie Jan 11, 2017
The story is great! But I would like to see if you could please put some more detail and excitement into it please. And at least I'm not being nasty I'm giving helpful book suggestions.
BarbieLove90 BarbieLove90 Feb 27, 2016
uhhhh....ummmm not being a hater or a story pooper but seriously this is emotionless and is moving at the speed of light
- - Mar 17, 2015
Her dad is such a jerk. When all her friend at the party threw him down, why didn't she try to make an escape? She's upset about being sold but just allows it to happen. :l