Serial Killer

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Veronica By IntoTheOcean Updated 3 years ago
What is it?
this is a Jeff The Killer poem, right? 
                                    either way, I LOVE THIS POEM!!!
this was quite creepy and surprising. but you made it a compelling read.  K
I absolutely love this. Do demented and gory, wich I like >:) it flows so well and describes the true spirit of hatred. I love it.
Creep but I love it soo much! Does that make since? Oh well! I live how you write. :)
dark deep insane creepy bloody i love it its the best poem ive ever read. this really good, keep up the good work
i love this poem it sick and intense.... blood and creepy... it just too good... i was hooked just by the title serial killer.... ur a very sick writer and i LOVE it keep up the good work... ps i like that u dedicated it to BLackmoon93 that was a great chose 
                                    keep up the great work mate