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Pen Your Pride
Suck it, Alpha

Suck it, Alpha

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starbucks_life By starbucks_life Updated Jul 20, 2014

"Mine". Growls my sexy mate in front of me.    "Oh babe just because your the alpha and my mate, that doesn't necessarily make me YOURS," I smirk and lightly pat his cheek.  I could see his adorable golden eyes start to change into an angry black, so I decide that was probably my cue to leave.  Quickly, I turned on my heel and just as I am about to leave I feel sparks as his hand grabs my waist.  "What the h-".  Cutting me off he growls "Oh sweetheart you listen long and hard now.  Just because you don't think your mine it doesn't mean your not.  I know you feel the sparks between us, don't try to lie.  Just so you know," he leans down and grazes my ear with his teeth "you will be MINE" and with that said he turns and walks away.  A sly smile fills my face 'Oooo now this will be fun."

PearIyn PearIyn Oct 23, 2017
*spots the number of times the author mispells you're as your in description* *slowly exits*
Express_URself Express_URself Mar 12, 2016
I'm wide awake ..yea I waz in the dark and I waz falling hard nothing to Complete myself and I am bored  again out of the lions den the story is over now the end FALLING FROM CLOUD NINE ..........
lissethponce1305 lissethponce1305 Aug 15, 2016
K babe whatever you say...but just jet me thin 'bout it....hmm...
                              ..... I guess...maybe, we'll see...bye!
Misaki_Miu Misaki_Miu Nov 20, 2015
Woah i think she's slut? No B!tch she's a fvcking hottie!! And i like it ;) thumbs up for you girl 👍 very proud of you 😘
-thatswhatshesaid- -thatswhatshesaid- Jul 19, 2015
My parents have banned me from wearing anything like that. Nothing that shows my belly, has to be knee length, two finger width for shirts... AGAAAA
RedWritingHoodie RedWritingHoodie Jul 11, 2015
Ermagerd! Its 'Him' from the power puff girls! Yes I still watch that  because I am very childish. Make fun if me all you want I won't care