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Hollystar By Deltoraquestgirl Updated Dec 29, 2013

This is the prolouge...

So uh yeah, if you have any tips on this I'm happy to hear them and uh yeah :)


A 14 year old girl sat at her computer, drawing on her Art-Tablet.

Her hair was blond, eyes were different colours; her right eye was green and her left eye was blue.

Her mouth was pinky-blue, even though she never used lipstick.

She wasn't paying any attention to what she was drawing- she was just doing it for the sake of it.

She always did.

She finished her picture, and put her signature onto it.

Then she logged onto DeviantART, and before uploading it, looked at the picture.

It was a peice that was based around mid-night by the colours, and cats where all around, different cats, with four large cats sitting on one tree.

The other cats were around the tree, and the four large cats seemed to be discussing things with the other cats.

"Why do I always draw cats?" She thought to herself, then uploaded it.

She looked at her computers' clock- it read 9:00pm.

"Better go get...