Promise the stars  #WATTYS2016

Promise the stars #WATTYS2016

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You'd think that finding out that your best friend is a snake, your boyfriend is a dog, and that your parents are liars, all in one day, would be crazy; and you'd be totally right.

But for Harper Dale, it's just a typical Tuesday afternoon.

When everything in her life falls apart within the span of five hours, she's lost...until her saving grace appears in the form of a black SUV and three boys she hardly knows.

Soon, she's on the road to absolutely nowhere, to find out where she comes from and who she wants to be with four unlikely allies; an asshole, his slightly less asshole like best friends, and an aging go go dancer that may or may not be a sign that she's completely lost her mind. 

All Harper has to do is get her answers and dodge the 'crazy' she seems to be ready to catch...

Easier said than done.

Hey have you met my friend karma?
                              She's a bitch 😆😆😆
This happens to all my teachers. My class kinda had a reputation for not listening and shouting. Our French teacher is like 24 and she can't control us what do ever. It's actually really annoying 😬
Id be counting down how many seconds you have to live, bi-atch
Stop taking him for granted!
                              At least you have a bloody boyfriend. Some of us are over here in a dark corner rocking back and forth all alone exept for the voices inside out heads. 😒😑😐
A guy A ctualy said that to me before and I literally peeled it open and stuck it to his face. Omg, you Should be seen his face 😂😂😂
If he's dad is a plastic sergioun then why can't she be a make up artist. They are both cosmetics. Like, wtf it their problem??