It was a misunderstanding!

It was a misunderstanding!

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[ Agenyshipping fanfiction ]

When a champion conference to solve a problem is called to take place in Jubilife tower in the Sinnoh region, all champions, past and present are called to attend. 

Seeing as though Black is the current champion of Unova, he is forced to tag along to the conference to help solve the problem, and along with him he brings his companion, White. 

It started off as a just a simple trip to a different region for Black and White. However, when Black is caught out with someone in a situation he didn't intend to happen, White is stunned. And as more unexpected events occur to Black and White, more people become involved in the situation. 

Friendships are broken, trust is lost, relationships are crumbled and the twists and turns unravel something the Pokédex holders never could have imagined.

Who would've thought, that a simple misunderstanding, could lead to something so intricate.

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Pheonixed Pheonixed Aug 25
This book has already got my attention... This is AWESOME:-D
blue___22 blue___22 May 11, 2015
Oh snap! That escalated quickly........this is getting interesting!
Darth_Sylph Darth_Sylph Feb 15, 2015
Why's Cynthia in charge (probably coz she's the most mature of the Champions)
chi-dragon chi-dragon Nov 10, 2014
amazing have to keep reading there should be more fanfic like this!