Fighting Thy Master

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JCordell By Flicka0fth3N1ght Updated 2 years ago
The world is unfar, unforgiving, and judgmental. In this world vampires and werewolves have a packet. Humans are for food, in less they are the bond pairs of either a vampire or a werewolf. Any unneeded vampires or werewolves, of covens and packs alike, are giving to the slave trade. Were the royals have werewolves and humans even there own kind that work for them while the werewolve kingdom is the same.(OK I know the summery SuCkX and im sorry I stink at summerys :) )
I'm on the first page and i cant stop reading, i wont stop reading. This is awesome i luv vamps and wolfs and this book has em both and i like having slaves and there struggles GREAT!
i think its good like awesome to me and im not just saying that cause your a friend
That was good. Just remember to put spaces. Can't wait for the next upload :)
Okay here's my constructive critisim, you have got to space everything out. Cause then it won't make readers feel uncomfortable or confused. BUT what I've read so far is good :)