Kate Adamson has always been a part of the popular crowd but has never really felt like she fit in. Her friends have a knack for cruelty towards outsiders and although she's never actively participated, she's always stood by and watched - until she meets Stella. 

Stella isn't like the others. She's not willing to be pushed around by Kate's friends anymore. She's planning on doing something about it this time - and it's up to Kate to stop both sides from colliding.

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- - May 25, 2017
That's a nice short story. • Lots of people who have been hurt in the past become a bully. It's important to stand up and speak out. (:
TheBestFanglirl TheBestFanglirl Jun 26, 2017
Scooby Snacks are actually different from the gummy fruits. I know cause I used to love them. They're more like a cinnamon cookie biscuit.
MaryFahey MaryFahey Jun 06, 2017
It's dreadful that bullying often happens due to a lack of kindness.
LiteratureSins LiteratureSins Jun 05, 2017
This is so charming! Coming from a girl who got bullied, I wish this would actually work in real life.