I'm Not The Type To Fall Easy

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Arisa ;) Learn it By XxXmeowmeowattackXxX Updated 3 years ago
Katerra Skinner hadn't planned on it. Falling in love. She's always viewed love as fake immature emotions that always withered and died. So when her best friend BJ makes a bet for a t-shirt with hot, sexy Jordan Baudelaire who is the son of the richest man in town, she doesn't know what to think. The bet is for Jordan to make Katerra fall for him in 31 days. No time extentions.
    What the hell is she supposed to do?
Update on August 25? Dide that's like, two months away!! Update now!!
UPDATE CHICKA!!!!!!!!!!!!or i will hunt you down and MAKE you!!!!!!!! not a THREAT . . .  a PROMISE!!!
Oh gosh, so far so cool! It's really going great! Please update!
loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it :D hope yuh will be uploading soon c: its was great! Bravo! xD
                                    -S :3
An amazing Chapter and I wish it wasnt so short! But I understand on the updating, so I can't wait till you do!!!:D xx
amazing and only 1 chap plz plz plz update :D coz u love me ;) LOL