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The Fallen Child [Book One of The Legend of Peucadere]

The Fallen Child [Book One of The Legend of Peucadere]

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Marcus A. Lewis By MarcusALewis Updated Mar 13

Isomere, child of the Queen of Dracosia, Prince by birth and heritage, knows the moment of his own death. He has seen the future and the destruction that is sure to come, and how to prevent all of it. Blessed as an avatar of the gods, he works to put into motion the path of fate in which all survive, except himself.

When Cassius kills an Elder Beast, he finds that his life will never be the same and that nothing he knew was ever as it seemed. Abandoned and alone, He must face the rising darkness that threatens to overtake Peucadere and himself. To save everything he holds dear, Cassius must learn the truth the gods have long kept hidden.

Hilketa is the powerful Night Mistress, an assassin of legendary skill, and childhood friend of Isomere. Her job is to eliminate those mortals who have fallen too far into depravity to be saved. Torn between the world she knows and the one Isomere has dragged her into, she must accept that no sin is too great to be forgiven

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