My sexy possessive alpha mate.... is my teacher!

My sexy possessive alpha mate.... is my teacher!

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jazmynlavon By jazmynlavon Updated Nov 01, 2016

I was jolted awake when I felt something wet drench my clothes. I jumped up and was getting ready to yell at the person who did it, but the words got caught in my throat when I saw it was my mother. She looked very upset and I wondered why.

" What the hell! Crystal, what are you doing?"

I realized that the only clothing that I had on to be drenched was a sports bra and underwear.

I then remember what happened last night


" Come in Crystal, just one more drink" 
I decided to take one more drink and go on my merry way to my bed.

What I did not expect was to find my boyfriend of 3 years, kissing on another girl. I begin to take shots after shots of tequila to try to stop the pain. But it didnt work. 

I remember Jack trying to apologize saying it was a mistake, me throwing up on him, then passing out

End of Flashback

I laughed as I remember Jack's face as I puked on him. He deserved more than that but I couldn't bear to look at his face.

I realized my mom was still waiti...

Bitch, if that was me I would like
                              Throw at this throw at that. Wait, this is the gold bracelet he got me . . . . I wonder how much the people at the pawn shop will give me for it
Bribripowel Bribripowel Nov 20, 2017
I loveeeeeeeeee volleyball too I miss pkayong because the season is over at my school *sigh*
Leave his sorry ass. U don't get second chances when. It comes to cheating on me
VegetaIsSenpai VegetaIsSenpai Oct 16, 2016
Im 5'10 also and i play volleyball and tennis and i got nice lips too so lol
- - May 06, 2016
This confusing. Lol. For me this was like really fast