The Vampire's Wife

The Vampire's Wife

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Cobi By PerfectlyWicked Completed

Everyone thinks that it's all sunshine and happiness after being a vampire's bride right? Think that your hot vampire groom is finally coming around to being a good person right? Wrong. There's more to being a vampire's bride than just being the pretty's being the wife. It's no piece of cake.Trust me I know.

Elenaora Haeven is a vampire's wife, new to the ways of marriage but wise in the way of the vampire. Married to the infamous Zayne Knights, a pureblood vampire who is the royal arch duke to the kingdom of the Lamia. 

To Elena, being married to a vampire is dangerous especially to a vampire who was trained to kill on contact. But with the title comes responsibility and to Elena nothing says responsibility like protecting her husband from his own madness. Not everyone is okay with Zayne being married to a human and are destined to try and push him to the edge, trying to remind him of the menace he was once was. Can Elena survive the marriage and save her husband or will his descent into madness destroy them both?

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roguepunk roguepunk Apr 27, 2016
Man if this is what his wife reads every morning she should get a divorce.
Cambrave17 Cambrave17 Sep 19, 2015
That's one wy to wake up in the morning or night whatever time a vampire wife wakes up at
ASWL2you2 ASWL2you2 Jul 23, 2013
Honestly, the summary for this story alone is enough to impress. You sound like a writer who takes their stories seriously, and that can rare to find online, sometimes. I hope you put your best into all of your works; I look forward to reading a lot soon. :)
loverofcookies1 loverofcookies1 Feb 07, 2013
I love it ..... U need to write more ... Honestly , can't wait !!!