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Really Love? (a One Direction Fan Fiction)

Really Love? (a One Direction Fan Fiction)

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Cesi By CesisLoveNH Completed

Bridget grew up next door to none other than Harry Styles. She always encouraged His singing career and him her art. But after spending 2 years without each others company, Never missing one night time phone call, they start to realize it may be more than a friendship, Harry Attempts to set Bridget up with Louis, though the two have never met in person. There is no doubt it is Love at first sight.

ItIsWhatItIsLarry ItIsWhatItIsLarry Feb 15, 2013
I found this story because I was writing "Drunk One Direction" on google and you're cover is i there and I clicked it and... here I am! Really like it :)
                              PS- I was searhing drunk one direction on google because niall was drunk last night and it was really funny :D
CesisLoveNH CesisLoveNH Apr 23, 2012
@BooBearsCam about the us being one person story...should i have named her Paul or Bolgogi?i am re-thinking this whole story! what have i done???
indefinitedreamer indefinitedreamer Mar 26, 2012
@CesisLoveNH ME TOO!!! everyone i was with jumped at that part.... and i wasn't paying attention to the screen because my cousin was making a lot of noice with her candy rapper and i was getting ready to tell her to stop and out of nowhere they mutts came!
CesisLoveNH CesisLoveNH Mar 26, 2012
@indefinitedreamer Omigod I did too also when the mutts jumped out my heart literally stopped I like grabbed my friend Cam cause she didn't seem scared at all but I'm like still scared and I saw it on friday
indefinitedreamer indefinitedreamer Mar 25, 2012
hahaha!! :D I love Effie too.... Peeta, Katniss, Gale, and Prim!! :D lol I cried lots after Rue died!!
CesisLoveNH CesisLoveNH Mar 25, 2012
@indefinitedreamer Yeah I'm readin the third one right now I love Effie trinket! I went to go see the movie with @BooBearsCam