Forbidden Lust(BoyxBoy)[Twincest]

Forbidden Lust(BoyxBoy)[Twincest]

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Holly By xtwilightpottershanx Completed

Hale is an average teenager. He gets acceptable grades, star athlete and has all the girls he could ever want chasing him. In worweather, a small american town is where we lay the scene. 

Hale and his brother used to be close, a bond no other being could ever understand. They started to get weird feelings for one another, but the other twin was always oblivious.

Hale and Devin know that is it forbidden for them to be in love, but they can't help it. Nothing feels more right. 
This is written in the point of view of seventeen year old Hale, who's dirty little secret could loose him everything he has built for himself.

Will the gambler finally get outplayed?

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An emo as captain of the football team, can I please go to that school.
ImSoGayImSoFuckinGay ImSoGayImSoFuckinGay Nov 23, 2016
Legout Legout Jan 25, 2015
the title with all the words makes it seem MLG with the song getrekt lol I can't
xtwilightpottershanx xtwilightpottershanx Jun 08, 2012
@XxAmaymay_StevexX @xSarahPurdyx @RoeRoeRuben Ah crap, I always to get to reply to these things... Sorry I'm such a crappy uploader! And thank you lol XD
RoeRoeRuben RoeRoeRuben Apr 04, 2012
Dude... This turned me on, good job. Oh, and upload soon my little hoelly bee!;3
AmySpamy97 AmySpamy97 Mar 18, 2012
Thanks for the dedication!:P they both sound hot, and I think they would be really good together. Devin is so cute, and Hale is being a douche... Upload soon!XP