Pregnant By My Sister Boyfriend

Pregnant By My Sister Boyfriend

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..xx.Prinxess.xx.. By xxPrinxessxx Updated Mar 04

At 8:15 it was time for me to hit to class, I always seen my sister boyfriend on the hall where my Science and Math class are I went by, he told me i'm sexy, In my mind my mind saying "I want him" but that's my sister boyfriend, I can't hurt her. By the way my name is Francine

Johnny- Hay, sexy

Francine- Hay

Johnny- So why not let me take you to my house

Francine- Ummm.... what no.... you go out with my sister and you had sex with her!!

Johnny- Woah, girl you didn't have to act like that please baby girl

Francine- I think your using me

Johnny- Noo I like you.

Johnny point of view

Her sister fine, but I will try to break up with her sister, well it is What it is

Francine point of view

Ugh, my sister boyfriend always come and tell me i'm sexy and stuff ugh!


Did you like this story by the way this story is not true




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PandaLover2486 PandaLover2486 Feb 01, 2017
Why does it sound like they are babies talking. Try to make it sound ya know not like babies!