SHINING ENTERTAINMENT- Uta no prince Sama (STARISH, Quartet Night)

SHINING ENTERTAINMENT- Uta no prince Sama (STARISH, Quartet Night)

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~2nd place in AWA~

 "Love between partners is forbidden."   Mei, Miyu, Kazumi, and Kiyoki were scouted into Saotome Academy. This year the Headmaster wanted to try something new: a group of chosen professional idols will be partnered with students in the idol course. Each girl has had past encounters with the boys in the group. The boys will slowly realize their feelings for the girls but like the rule stated: Love is forbidden! What will happen to their love? Will it be one sided or will they fight for it? 

Cover by: @SleepyNinjaa

Please read this story and tell me what you think :) 
~vivienna <3

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joashi joashi Mar 31, 2014
No.. I didn't think Shining would be so shallow! and I don't like the sound of Quartet Night being called in. Please don't let them be expelled too!!!!! the girls got to come back as well! Ai will be lonely :'D Alright! Next Chapter let's go!!!
MokonaBookWorm MokonaBookWorm Mar 24, 2014
update soon please!! I am really eger for anpthet chapter!!! Sorry if that sounded mean...I really like the chapter... =)
kaitlen_pyatt08 kaitlen_pyatt08 Mar 18, 2014
I LOVE IT!!!!! But I'm sad about the girls, I hope they get back in, soon, and can't wait for the next chapter!!!!!:)<3
wingless_otaku wingless_otaku Mar 18, 2014
expelled?!¡¿¡¡¡¡¡ tell me who the freaking culprit is? i wanna know whos the one taking the pictures!!!
KillerBlood07 KillerBlood07 Mar 18, 2014
no way!!! Expelled?? ohmigahd is QN Gonna be expelled too? @vivienna explain yourself LOL XD joke just keep up the good story T^T
YukikoFukanaga YukikoFukanaga Mar 17, 2014
Oh No!!! they're expelled?!?!!? What's gonna happen to quartet night? :'(