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His Butler, The Seductive

His Butler, The Seductive

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PunchingPictures By PunchingPictures Completed

Haha hi everyone. This is my first fan-fic... my first yaoi fan-fic *blushes* I hope you enjoy it! {Summary: This takes place after Ciel Phantomhive has been transformed into a demon. Sebastian and Ciel, along with the servants are still living in the Phantomhive mansion. Everything seems normal... Until Sebastian and Ciel spend some... Alone time together.} Heheh so yeah it's a CielxSebastian pairing yaoi. If you don't like this pairing or yaoi, then please don't read! You've been warned. >;3

42zaphod42 42zaphod42 5 days ago
When you wanna comment but see you already did like a month ago
Sebastian deep throated him! Wait... Nah ciels dick so small it barely goes past sebbys lips
TNT_Gal TNT_Gal Jul 08
You say that now, your body will say differently later...😎
If he couldn't fix them what kind of butler would he be? *wink wonk*
xEren_Ackermanx xEren_Ackermanx 4 days ago
The fact that Ciel is only 13 is really disturbing me tbh XD
-toxicstars- -toxicstars- 4 days ago
fun fact: finny and eren from attack on titan are played by the same voice actor