Moonlight's Embrace (A Skyrim Fanfic) (Wattys2017)

Moonlight's Embrace (A Skyrim Fanfic) (Wattys2017)

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Katherine/Russet/Regina/Eryn By TheRussetNightingale Completed

I don't know what I did to deserve this. Sundering of my soul, the destruction of all I held dear. Well, that's a bit dramatic, but hey. I've got to tell my story, don't I? Though I'll admit... perhaps the savior of the world isn't quite so honorable as she should have been.

Let's get the exposition over with-- Why in all of Tamriel did I sell my goddamn soul?!

Original description: Are you kidding me? I went to Riften for a break. Being an adventurer isn't exactly an easy job all the time. Yet the first thing I do is get mixed up in the Thieves Guild. I must be a damn genius.

Contains suggestive themes, strong language, alcohol use, and heavy descriptions of gore. Rated PG-13.

I remember reading this so long ago and I've been looking and looking for it and OHMGGOD I FINALLY FOUND IT
SuperWaffleCat SuperWaffleCat Nov 07, 2016
This is just random but I wonder is the dragoborn can rap about his life as a dad a vampire slayer and the time he was going to slay miraak and about a bard
                              I love Dan bull's skyrim raps
Brenjago Brenjago Aug 08, 2016
Yeah, this is what a dragonborn will say if you ask them about their past: FUS RO DAH!!! Fus Ro dah! Fus Ro dah! Fus Ro dah dah dah dah dah dah duh da da. Hada he, had a ha, had heh he Ro da. Fus Ro dah! Well, at least that's what happened to me.
mikd107 mikd107 Dec 10, 2015
That's funny that's what I did I was a good guy tuned bad you get in my head I'll put a blade to your head I'll behead you
xXxSkullCandyxXx xXxSkullCandyxXx Aug 04, 2015
I love the last line, it is always nice when you end up on a scheme to take over Skyrim. I already know I'll love Russet
Crimson-Lake Crimson-Lake Jul 29, 2015
Same here, I have red hair and blue eyes, same as my actual character