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My Teacher Is My Mate??!!

My Teacher Is My Mate??!!

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Jelly By CuTe_BuNnY456 Updated Sep 10, 2016

I ran fast, fast as possible to get away from him. I ran into the girls restroom. I opened a stall, locked it, and hid in it. I was breathing so hard from all the running I had did. I heard the bathroom door opened, and footsteps getting closer and closer. I closed my eyes and started breathing normal, until everything happened so fast, the stall was kicked open. I got pulled out the stall and pushed on the wall. I felt something wet on my cheeks, then noticed I was crying.  "M Mr. Ivy-", "Shut up Katie, you're only mine!" he yelled in my face cutting me off.  I tried to remove his hands from my wrists, but I was helpless. He was stronger than me.  "Mr. Ivy, you're my teacher and I'm a student" I said but he gripped my wrists tighter.   I started crying more, when he suddenly slapped my cheek. "Don't ever say that, I'M YOUR MATE!! he said, I just lowered my head, and took the opportunity and kicked him in his 'you know what area' and he let go of me. I started running as fast out of school and into the parking lot. While I was running I had already gotten my car keys out and unlocked the doors. Once I got in my car, I locked the doors and started it, then I saw him running, so I hurried up and sped out of the parking lot, on my way home.   I got home and ran up the stairs. I jumped on my bed and cried myself to sleep. ********  Enjoy Life with 17 year old Katie.   •A book with surprises •Lies •And secrets

hug_strangers hug_strangers Feb 17, 2016
I saw Jensen Ackles on the cover and I don't even have to know what the book is about to want to read it
LeafpoolM LeafpoolM Aug 05, 2014
Wow I just was bored that I clicked randomly on a story and now this is really great thank you!
Poppyturtle Poppyturtle Jul 01, 2014
I would've been so mad if he slapped me my emotions would've been goin all over the place I would've been like are u serious.? No sir. Unacceptable
AnimeLover416 AnimeLover416 Jun 09, 2014
He slapped her. Well I can picture him as an abusive mate I mean he just found out, right?
maecsy_ maecsy_ Jun 05, 2014
I thoguth she was running because she forgot her homework haha
letsgetshitfaced letsgetshitfaced Jun 01, 2014
Hey can I help you edit your book? If yes then private message me
                              (P.S I'm not a pedophile)