Pregnant Sisters (EDITING)

Pregnant Sisters (EDITING)

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Chloe has always been the sweet nice goody two shoes with a sassy side. Growing up in the shadow of her older rebellious sister, Claire, didn't help things.  Chloe has always hated her town for always letting the Whiteman family get away with things because they built the town.  Especially the son that's her age, Miles. 

 At a famous annual party, Chloe sleeps with Miles because she's drunk. Two big fatal mistake though. Chloe leaves the next morning. Miles never used protection.  A couple days later, Claire comes back with her new husband, Cole. Cole is Mile's older brother. And to top it of, Claire is pregnant. And at the wedding, Miles and Chloe was the maid of honor and best man. 

Will Chloe and Claire make up after years of fighting? Will Chloe feel overshadowed again? How will her parents react to Chloe being pregnant? Will her friends stick by her side or leave her in the dust? Will Miles get a new girlfriend and leave Chloe alone? Can Chloe get her happy ever after?

fuk__life fuk__life Sep 18
A talking llama popped out of nowhere and said GET YALL STUPID ASSES UP 
                              And that is what I imagined happened next
TBH I can't do that. Its scary 2 me. Idky. Its uncomfy, and its going to scar my life forever.
Did they build it on their own or did they pay someone to do it for them??
Jktwrites Jktwrites Mar 30
You might need to check this lots of incomplete sentances and reapeating things.
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Anime_no_Ai Anime_no_Ai Nov 06, 2015
Lol, so me. If I was in 7th grade I would want Grady to be my friend. Lol :-)