Beware of James

Beware of James

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James Delatori is Janesville's most talked about resident. His name is often whispered between bored housewives over their afternoon tea, or in the back of the local diner amongst waiters and cooks. But not much is really known about the man, though rumors only grow.

Daphnie Redwood has been living in Janesville her whole life, as many of the residents have. Carrying the heavy weight of regret on her shoulders, Daphnie is trying to make ends meet as best as she possibly can without drawing any more attention to herself. 

However, when her behind-the-scenes nature crosses paths with the tornado that is James Delatori, the town will begin to talk about Daphnie once more. Only this time, it's not out of pity.

[may contain adult themes such as under-age drinking, sexual content, and violence]

#266 | General Fiction |  1/31/17