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The Girl Who Runs With Vampires

The Girl Who Runs With Vampires

185K Reads 3.6K Votes 23 Part Story
CN Thornton By ThorntonCN Completed

My name is Juliet Clairvaux Hale. I am a full grown hybrid vampire who lives with the Cullen coven. They took me in and raised me as one of their own and for that I was greatful. This was 200 years ago. Join me in my story as its the most interesting one yet, because I'm the girl who runs with vampires.

As I was reading this I was listening to a sing called check yes Juliet
heyhowlter heyhowlter Apr 18, 2016
Hybrid? Like human/vampire hybrid? (I thought this may had some relation to the vampire diaries but it's more of a twilight story)
DarkVampire17 DarkVampire17 Apr 02, 2016
I am in doubt about this story at the moment, as I really prefer my vampires to be pure vampires, not hybrids. I may still read it though; maybe I'll get over my prejudice...
e6woeo e6woeo Mar 03, 2014
Love. read one of your harry potter fan fictions and I thought I'd read more of your works
xXxDat_Btch_Bhadd12 xXxDat_Btch_Bhadd12 Jul 11, 2013
i love the begining it was a wonderful start
                              and i great idea that the baby girl was given to rosalie and emment because they always wanted a baby
                              it definetly deserves myy vote and its going in my reading list
ThorntonCN ThorntonCN May 30, 2013
@mollykm because she is the ideal image for my Juliet in this story.