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The Missing Midnight

The Missing Midnight

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ElizabethDaisy By ElizabethDaisy Updated Mar 20, 2011

Fifty years ago the world was thrown into chaos when night suddenly disappeared. Leaving behind in it's place nothing but a very disoriented blood red sky. There was no longer any darkness or stars. Even the moon had vanished. And the world had quickly begun its decent to lifelessness. 

But how did night disappear? That seems to be the question that no one has an answer for. Except, or course, Daimon and Elric Alrie. Two mysterious brothers with a hate so strong between them that it shattered the night itself. But how exactly? They never say. Intent on feigning ignorance. But I know better. Yet, who are we to question the Royal family?

The count down has begun. There's no more time left until the world can no longer sustain the meager amount of life that is left. And worse yet, Hell's Gate has begun to open, released from its binds that the moon had kept locked, leaking out Demons, Nightmares, and Dolls. Creatures that should have never been allowed to roam this world.

But among the death, decay, and sorrow, a voice whispered to me in hushed urgency: "Find me."

My name is Astera Dymes. An orphaned slave trained to fight against the creatures of Hell. And this is my story.

k8isgr8 k8isgr8 Feb 07, 2012
I like your title :) this is nice. Mysterious....*pink panther music*
ElizabethDaisy ElizabethDaisy Feb 02, 2012
Hey, thanks so much! I'm glad you like it so much and I'll try to get the next chapter up as soon as I can.
BreakingChains BreakingChains Feb 02, 2012
Amazing story! Theres so much detail and I love the suspense. Can't wait until the next chapter!