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The Full Moon [boyxboy]

The Full Moon [boyxboy]

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Rotty By rotXinXpieces Completed

As the only son of Moonstone's most powerful wolf pack, Zaid Kallas has a lot on his plate with his eighteenth birthday coming up. Like any alpha wolf, he's to find a mate and, well, mate with her the night of his birthday, which just happens to be a full moon. Unfortunately, Zaid has a secret... A big secret. He's gay. And he's in love with Scythe Rider.
Oh, and let's not forget... Scythe Rider is also the soon-to-be alpha of Zaid's rival pack. If that wasn't enough, a lone wolf shows up, barking claims of nearing Hunters, but there seems to be an alterior motive to this lone wolf's presence within the little town of Moonstone...
(Sunsetmello's request that I use her idea for the story!)
Warnings: Contains mpreg/graphic violence/adult themes.

Oh poor Zaid, he's going to be stuck with supply duty his whole life! ;-;
Why couldn't my parents have named me something badäss? 😤
SunRose42 SunRose42 a day ago
Lmao he said that so casually meanwhile Zaid is like "no no, people can't know I'm gay. I'll die"
rimachan56 rimachan56 7 days ago
I'm enjoying life too much
                                 \ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
                                  > ⌒ヽ
                                 /   へ\
                                 /  /  \\
                              (=== レ ノ      ヽ_つ
                                   / /
                                / /|
                               ( (ヽ
                               | |、\
                               | 丿 \ ⌒)
                               | |  ) /
                              `ノ )  Lノ
Kelly_bl Kelly_bl May 27
here after reading the Underworld Chronicles annnnnnd vampire Requiem  i'm super duper excited/readyy !
Into the woods I have to go I hate to leave but I have to go into the woods its time to go i must begin my journey