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Mated To My Monster

Mated To My Monster

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Saf By cloudythoughts Updated 6 days ago

It has been thirteen years since the werewolves took over, thirteen years since humans were made the inferior race, thirteen years since Hazel began to detest and resent the werewolves. So  when she finds her 'mate' among those monsters she knows that escape is the only option.

sweetmissirish sweetmissirish 6 days ago
"it sounded *like* people running..."
                              I thought the knife had been confiscated?
sweetmissirish sweetmissirish 6 days ago
It's good. There are a few grammar mix-ups, but it's mostly punctuation. Ex. "So*,* why do you have condoms?" 
                              I remember the first version of this - I liked it - so I'll be waiting to see what's changed.
Huamedi Huamedi 5 days ago
Please, please continue, can't wait! Great story😍😍❤❤
sweetmissirish sweetmissirish 6 days ago
Who's Jess? I remember her sister, but with no context I can't be sure.
RamRoo RamRoo 6 days ago
I can't wait for the next chapter!! Got here as soon as possible!
I screamed when I saw you updated! I missed this story so much! 😍😱🙌