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Alexandria's Genesis

Alexandria's Genesis

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Mr. Beanz! By KiwiForeva Updated Feb 01, 2011

Nia's world had been turned upside down when she became the sole survivor of a car crash involving herself and her parents. After her miraculous survival, she is haunted by strange dreams she cannot explain, sightings of grousome characters, sleepwalking and blackouts. In all of this seemingly meaningless chaos, one thing remains constant: a girl, eerily identical to her, with violet eyes, followed by a vaugly familiar green-eyed boy who tries to worn her of some unforseen danger. When the boy in her dreams comes to life, she learns that she  is part of an ancient group of 7, the Elements who are part of an immortal race, called Titans. Nia's journey leads her to the discovery of her past lives, her connection to the boy, Xavier, that runs deeper than she could ever have imagined, and her place among a minority of her Element, the Spirit People as their chosen 'Star Child'. Nia along with the six other Elements must combat a mysterious evil by harnesting her powers, except those powers just might kill her...
Ada has no memory of her life before she awoke in the middle of the road. It is in her seach for her past that she finds Nate, the leader of a gang of superhumans called Gemeni, powerful demons who possess phycic abilities, and have fallen into open warfare with The Pure Ones, guardians sent from the realm. Ada, who has become Nate's protege is confused when she does not recieve her horns, the highest form of power for a Gemeni. It is only after her accidental encounter with a Pure One that she begins to question Nate and the gang. After inflicted by strange and grousome dreams where she dies, killing everyone around her, she discovers her ability to inflict pain on other people. Ada finds herself confronted by a new type of Immortals, ones she has never seen before, and finally uncovers what, and who she really is, and Nate's corropted plan for using her talents to his advantage. Ada is further challenged with the emotional burden of Drew, the Guardian she 

Riddhi_K Riddhi_K Jun 02, 2013
this is so gd! Is fabian from House Of anubis and egypt... that link huh! ;)