OWNED {Book #2 in the Dominated Series} (BOYXBOY)

OWNED {Book #2 in the Dominated Series} (BOYXBOY)

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Autumn Breeze & Ezra Winn By HONESTDYING Completed

One doesn’t love people, the other doesn’t trust them. 

Maxton doesn’t date, he doesn’t get attached and above all else he certainly doesn’t love people. Complicated is too complex and anything more than a tumble in the sheets is absolutely out of the question. 

Jude doesn’t like people, he doesn’t do emotions and trusting people is unforeseeable. People suck, emotions are draining and trust is to much, so he does the simple thing and runs away when things get complicated. 

A bet is struck, a bargain made and someone is bound to lose. Ownerships means obedience but more is on the line then a promise to remain pure.

*Age is measured in eons, not years.

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imartist22 imartist22 Jun 15
I really like how you changed the perspective from Levi and Corvus to Jude. It's really cool to see this book at a new perspective, and interesting ah. >w>
If the pet doesn't like him ->>> maxton ur banging the wrong brother
I bet y'all's ass  (and mine) that maxton won't be reading any books when Jude sucks him
harmonylucis harmonylucis Aug 22, 2016
max is me 
                              Mom: go to sleep
                              Me: sure, after this chapter
                              *An hour later*
                              Mom: go to sleep
                              Me: THERE'S A CLIFFHANGER I NEED TO READ
SpankyDoodle SpankyDoodle Aug 03, 2016
I just realized that I have been saying Kite's name wrong this whole time.
MadisonD83 MadisonD83 Apr 06, 2016
I got to a slow point and got bored with it but I will go back