Chicago Mafia (Chicago Mafia Trilogy: Book One)

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Chicago, 1963. The war in Vietnam is underway, but Charlotte Wilson has other problems. When her longtime beau takes her to dinner one night, Charlotte finds herself in the company of the charming and powerful gangster Johnny Roselli. Danger becomes a new theme in her life as she tries to navigate her way through Chicago's underworld. By the time the dust settles, her only hope is life.
Your writing style reminds me of Ernest Hemingway's for some reason, and I love it!
I love how beautifully this is written. Everything just flows together and fits perfectly. It's hard to attain that composition and you've done it. 
her mum is like tony soprano's mother lmao she is so cynical
The ending made me cry but it also put this story in my top two favourites of all time. Excellent job, I say!
Gurll. I know how you feel.. Believe it or not...I wanna cupcake.
I really like this story and the way you wrote it. I read your profile and I agree that too much detail bore readers. Its sad that Charlotte died in the end but it made the story more realistic. But why did Johnny have to kill Charlotte? Why not just kill Jimmy and keep the girl alive for himself?