Villains Rise

Villains Rise

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AlwaysSunny By AlwaysSunny Updated 2 days ago

*Sequel to When Lightning Strikes. Cannot be read as a stand-alone.*

Some may think a hero's story is finished with a happily ever after and a sense of security that the town is safe from the villain. 

Not for Della Abram. 

She never wanted to spend the summer before her senior year trapped with The Undergrounds, but a hero should learn to expect the unexpected. 

Family secrets and shocking back stories will be revealed. Everything Della thought she knew is twisted in ways she never expected. And a certain villain's son may become obsessed with Della.

Will the team make it out of this mess? It's not every day you see the villains rise...

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Lionel-Nixon Lionel-Nixon Aug 06, 2017
Maybe they're twins and there was really three brothers?😱
C3insan0sis C3insan0sis Jul 13, 2017
Ok. We have 14 days to go! We can make it! Hoprfully! Oh who am I kidding? Imma probably go into depression.😵😭😷😃
Lionel-Nixon Lionel-Nixon Aug 06, 2017
If I die it'll be because I'm being sarcastic at the wrong time too😂
sophitzinkotlc sophitzinkotlc Jul 09, 2017
July 27th. 
                              *checks date* 
                              Only July 8th. 
                              Don't mind me, I'm just going to hibernate for the next 19 days. 
                              See you then.
MercuryFrost MercuryFrost Jul 28, 2017
I knew a person named Owen who always said things were for the weak, and was pretty evil
Acbbjk4ever Acbbjk4ever Jul 30, 2017
Can already tell this is going to be great. Congrats on starting the sequel.