Villains Rise

Villains Rise

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AlwaysNapping By AlwaysSunny Completed

If you thought a hero's story is finished with a happily ever after... You were wrong.

Della Abram is faced with more challenges now more than ever.

Everything she thought she knew is thrown out the window. Lies and secrets will be revealed. The line between villains and heroes will be blurred.

Will the team make it out of this mess? Or will they fall apart at the hands of the villains?

*Sequel to When Lightning Strikes. Cannot be read as a stand-alone.*

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  • masks
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C3insan0sis C3insan0sis Jul 13, 2017
Ok. We have 14 days to go! We can make it! Hoprfully! Oh who am I kidding? Imma probably go into depression.😵😭😷😃
sophitzinkotlc sophitzinkotlc Jul 09, 2017
July 27th. 
                              *checks date* 
                              Only July 8th. 
                              Don't mind me, I'm just going to hibernate for the next 19 days. 
                              See you then.
InfiniteRejects InfiniteRejects Jul 09, 2017
I just spent two hours reading the first book. I'm sad that I can't immediately skip into the next. 😢
genna_grebe genna_grebe Nov 10, 2017
*slides those sunglasses all the cool kids wear on* watch me
salkalt salkalt Jul 24, 2017
Three days to go,
                              Three days to go,
                              Hi-ho the dairy-oh,
                              Three days to go!
I thought Mickey and Thomas were the twins, not Owen and Thomas?