♕Drarry, love is hard♕ ☑

♕Drarry, love is hard♕ ☑

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A story I'm not proud of

Takes place in their 5th year at Hogwarts, in which Harry and Draco admits their feelings for each other

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I want to correct this so bad, but I feel like putting Fairy Tail (👆🏾) wasn’t a mistake.
Tommy335 Tommy335 Jun 29, 2017
It's spelled tale, and english is a very hard language to write, we have super wierd rules, like i before e except  100's of words  don't do that and like 60 do
_Books1031_ _Books1031_ Jun 24, 2017
I read the title 'Draco is hard' and got very confused for a moment
SapphireKageKyuura92 SapphireKageKyuura92 May 28, 2017
It's interesting that your from Sweden. And I understand that your not good at english, most of it is good grammar and spelling, with more practice I think you'd be good at english. So study hard! lol who wants to do studying anyway... reminds me of school..
_FunkyandFunIris_ _FunkyandFunIris_ Apr 24, 2017
Last week I did a project on Sverige where we had to learn 5 words in the native language & use it in a presentation!
xXNadira-aruXx xXNadira-aruXx Sep 17, 2016
Fairy tail aint happy more lmao im talking about mashima right now xD