♕Drarry, love is hard♕ ☑

♕Drarry, love is hard♕ ☑

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A story I'm not proud of

Takes place in their 5th year at Hogwarts, in which Harry and Draco admits their feelings for each other

He's already mentally calling Harry his lover when he hasn't even confessed to him yet. It's cute :D ^_^
all i can see is Draco screaming YES and running away to Harry to snog him
Come on you can't make someone gay draco, unless its Andy Sixx, then yeah anyone would go gay for him. He's a fuckibg angel
cs68127 cs68127 Jan 03
Good! Only thing: stop saying, "his lover", because it makes it sound like Harry likes Draco back. Saying "his love" would be fine.
The train moves in 11 o' clock and stops at 18 o' clock. I don' t think it really is 3 hours.
muerto18inanis muerto18inanis Dec 13, 2016
This Is great! Good job. Don't worry about spelling. There are plenty of people who have English as their first language and have worse grammar than this.👍😀