Reapers: Joannes Story

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Gabby By Jazzybean Updated 2 years ago
Joanne Smith is dying. There's a man - one that only she can see - that follows her. Joanne has cancer and is no longer responding to treatment. All that's left is to make her comfortable and wait for her to pass. But this man, doesn't want her to die. He has a fascination with her - one that's forbidden. Joanne thinks nothing of this; to her it's just a part of her imagination that her mind has projected to help her cope with her fate. Soon enough she realises that this man is in fact real and the reason why she can only see him. He's a reaper. Her reaper and she's fallen in love with him.
Hold it up there lady, first things first, my name's Joanne and  I DO NOT have cancer. number two, I am PERFECTLY HAPPY. number three, I am single but I know I am NOT falling in love with a reaper... but nice story though.
no!!!!! dude what did we just talk about? well i've forbidden it for her as well ok? why am i asking if it's ok, theres no choice in the matter, IT WILL NOT HAPPEN!!!! but i like the idea even if it is sad :(
*sniff* Don't die!! We love you in this short period of time!!!
                                    Aww I feel bad for her mother! She's in a serious case of denial.
                                    Then again who wouldn't be? And Joanne, she's strong. Keeping her mother together when it's herself that's dying? That takes some serious strength.
                                    I like it so far.
Poor kid :( Maybe she's not... but for a mom, they never stop being a kid.
I really love the idea of this story and it sounds really good so far. I voted and will continue to read more. Great job hon!!
the description is really intresting and original :P im going to read more. i really liked this chapter :)