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Lakeisha Doodlebopz Grandmason By Doodlebopz Updated Jun 02, 2015

"What about this one. He's cute." I asked Shane and Maggie.

"Seriously Gia? Are you trying to die. He looks mad scary." Shane shook his head as he saw the online picture of some random guy. I laughed.

"You know I'm not." I closed my laptop and stretched out on my bed. "I'm not having any luck."

"Well looking for a Dom online, is probably not the best way to go. Especially for a beginner. You haven't even experience any part of that lifestyle." Maggie said.

"Shane, you dabble a little in it. Help me out here." I said as I hit Shane with a pillow.

"First of all slut, you just messed up my hair. Second I will do my best to help you if you tell me why the interest in being a submissive."

I sat there a thought for a minute.

"There has always been a part of me that's been submissive. I seem to always go for the alpha males. Dominant and always in control with such confidence outside of the bedroom. It's inside the bedroom when we are between the sheets that's the problem." I began to ...

EsparunzaDavis EsparunzaDavis Oct 06, 2017
😡😡😡 she’s so stupid I’ve been roofied twice doing that 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️
kur-neya kur-neya Jul 24, 2017
??? Hundred miles away?? and she told him that she was going out? And he lives in a different country? I don't get it. Why don't you tell your neighbor then you're going out, at least they're closest than your father 😁 😁 😆 😅
kur-neya kur-neya Jul 24, 2017
Wait, drag her by hair is not caveman style. It's harassment I guess 😁 😁 😆. You throw her over your shoulder, that was called caveman style. 😁 😁
Alohachuta Alohachuta Jul 24, 2016
I'm sorry but someone had to say it. U goin get drugged and probably have a disease by the time u reach 30 so keep thinking just cuz u ain't have sex u can just spread ur legs and fly. Karma will come.
ElishaMVianen ElishaMVianen May 04, 2015
Honestly I don't like guessing games... pleaseeee tell me which ones! Gosh I hate that game so much....
pumkinspice pumkinspice Jun 16, 2014
Excellent! This is the first chapter and I had to stand infront of the fan! Hotty!