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My Racist Alpha Mate

My Racist Alpha Mate

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Valentine winters By ValentineWinters Updated Sep 19, 2014

“Don’t act dumb with me, ugh why me, godforsaken why me! Why the hell did I get to be tied up to a freakin Indian, a freakin Indian, I think the moon goddess lost her mind, there must be something mixed up in this, I’m an alpha, how did I get mixed up to a newly moved Indian girl from Malaysia who has no skills of fighting. Who doesn’t even wear sexy clothes. You know what, I don’t want you! I don’t even want anything to ever be done with you and I’m not goanna give up my sleeping around days for one girl.” He shouted making me frown as I looked down seeing the floor taking my interest.  “What’s your full name?” he asked me.  “Valentine Winters Icy Frost” I said still looking down.  “Ugh, now what kind of name is that! It’s so dumb! I Alexander Jibrail Al-“ he didn’t get to finish his sentence cause I froze him on the wall using my water bender skills. I can bend water and blood, scary but yes I can do that, but I’ve never tried blood bending.  He looked shocked for a moment before glaring at me with hatred eyes. I went near him face to face just inches close.  “You say that Alex, you’ll regret it” I said with courage sweeping into me looking straight into his blue eyes. He melted the ice, shit! He’s a fire bender.  And the next thing I know, I was being pinned into the wall, one of his hand wrapped around my neck and his other hand pinning both of my hands above my head. My whole body was erupted with tingles from wherever he touched.  “No, Val and its Alpha Alexander to you missy” he said and this time I was glaring back.  “I Alexander Jibrail Alejandro reject you Valentine Winters Icy Frost” he said and let go of me. My wolf whimpered and I can feel her curl up crying silently.

TheLostAndTheFound TheLostAndTheFound Feb 05, 2016
I keep thinking of in "you know your Mexican if.." When the dad was like 'Alejandro, Alejandro, ALEJANDRO!!!!!!!!!'
rubiediamond rubiediamond Feb 20, 2016
The fact that you have an Avatar and Legend of Korra based story is so awesome
Randomss Randomss Nov 23, 2016
TheMature5YearOld TheMature5YearOld Oct 06, 2015
I will grab my mother's flip flop and go all Indian on you bïtch 
                              Don't test me 
                              My inner desi will come out you fücking cünt
princessbarb123 princessbarb123 Sep 01, 2015
OK now I feel a little offended cuz I'm mixed with Indian.......
Wolf_0512 Wolf_0512 Apr 25, 2015
Valentine Winters is cute but the rest of it makes it sound retarded