Mending Destiny [Sequel to My Sister's Boyfriend]

Mending Destiny [Sequel to My Sister's Boyfriend]

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Zoey L. <3 By FallenAngelxox Updated Sep 13, 2014

NOTE: Please read the first book before reading this, this is a sequel for 'My sister's boyfriend' and you may not understand it, if you haven't read the first book.

After getting the marriage they’d always dreamed of, they were all set to live the rest of their lives together. They had it all planned out, a small house, a mini silver car and two little kids, one, a bright young boy with Ian’s oceanic blue eyes, and the other, a girl with long hazel brown hair just like Nina’s. They would graduate from college and get amazing jobs to give their little angels everything they wanted. But a sudden tragedy causes their plans, their relationship and most importantly their love to completely crumble and fall apart. The passing of Ian’s mother.

A death Ian believes was meant for him, not her and because of this, he is left entombed under piles of pain and self-blame. Feeling like he’s being stabbed in the stomach over and over again, he mourns the loss of his mother. Ian wants to make things right- he needs to, or he won’t be able to live with himself. Nina only wishes for one thing, for Ian to open up, trust again, escape his grief and just to live their life exactly as they had planned but with Ian becoming more and more distant, will they ever get the chance to?

A story about whether love really does conquer all. Join Ian and Nina on a trip to fight for the love of a lifetime and mend their love- their destiny.