Book Cover Makers

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Okay wonderful Wattpaders, “Book Cover Makers” is exactly as the title says: people who make covers for Wattpad story and this “story”/portfolio is full of their resumes. 
    In order to get a book cover maker, please browse through the resumes until you find a cover maker right for you. Once you do, please fill out the form which can be found in the comments and then post. Once you do that, editorsUNITE will take it from there.
    If you would like to be a cover maker then please fill out the form that can be found in the editorsUNITE newsletter as well as on our website. (both links are on the About Me)
Title: Fighting for the Millionaire
                                    Genre: Romance/Teen Fiction
                                    Author: Youngdreamer012
                                    Cover: Option 1) A silhouette/picture of a man, no face
                                    Option 2) A picture of New York City at night
                                    Option 3) A picture of boxing gloves, alone
                                    Thank you!
Title:Memory hill
                                    Author: Miss_Griffin
                                    Picture:silhouette of 4 girls and 2 boys, around the age of 14 laying down on a hill 
                                    Backround: A hill
Title: Black Ties
                                    Genre: Action
                                    Author: MsCheif117
                                    Cover: The book is about a CIA agent who is sent to a small farm town in search of a hacker, little does she know that the girl she will find isn't her long lost sister, it's actually her clone, and they're not he only clone either.
Title: Your Echo
                                    Genre: Fanfiction
                                    Author: -TroylerMoran-
                                    Cover: Trevor Moran
Title: Something Like Gay
                                    Genre: Fanfiction/Romance
                                    Author: TroylerOverdose
                                    Cover: Tyler Oakley and Troye Sivan
Title~ Reign
                                    Author~ XCornedBeefX
                                    Cover~Something with a King and Queen.
                                    Please and Thank You.