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Queen of the Gummy Bears By Prisim Completed

Celestial Children Book 2 

Most of Josh's life could be summed up by a collection of bracelets on his wrist-never staying in one place long enough to truly call it home, always running and hiding from his uncle Khail. Everything changed when Abby came into his life. No longer could his family hide from the monster hunting them.
      Khail wants to use the power of the Celestial Children and create the world in his own image. Nothing would stop him. Not the past, the future, and certainly not the present. Finding the Child of the Sun, protecting Abby, and saving the world... It was just another day in the Ewah household.


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  • action
  • adventure
  • celestial
  • death
  • evil
  • fantasy
  • freelander
  • friendship
  • hybrid
  • magic
  • portalfantasy
  • shapshifter
  • shifter
  • timetravel
  • unicorns
  • warlock
  • youngadult
CaptainSarcastic101 CaptainSarcastic101 Jan 25, 2017
Dude, you have massively sharp canines near his FACE, and you use a PAW? 
                              Villian logic. ;)
CaptainSarcastic101 CaptainSarcastic101 Jan 25, 2017
He explained THAT MUCH to a six year old? :0 How'd he remember it all?
CaptainSarcastic101 CaptainSarcastic101 Jan 25, 2017
Well, you know he's a douche when he starts referring to himself in the third person. -_-
BarneyZahir BarneyZahir May 26, 2014
@BarneyGhost I said that I cant find book one...oh and that was short hand :p
fauxpunker fauxpunker Dec 19, 2013
So, this is the source of the War of the Josh between you and Maja?
Prisim Prisim Jun 12, 2013
@KazanDragneel Thankie. Needs a lot of work to be a print ready cover (like, entirely new stock) but it's good enough for Wattpad. It at least gets the idea I'm looking for. Now I just need to get far enough into Raythe to think of a background scene for it and get it to match.