To Tame A Rogue

To Tame A Rogue

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J-Black By J-Black Updated Dec 05, 2015

He growled when I tried to run the brush through his black hair that looked as wild as he was. 

"shut up, you look awful." I scolded, trying to get him to be human for ten seconds. He tugged at the ropes that held his tattooed wrists to the arms of the chair, but they didn't budge. I was good at knots. I pushed him back in the chair with my hand on his bare chest and tried to get the brush in his hair again. This time he grabbed it from my hand with his teeth and snarled as he broke it in half.  I scowled and stepped away from him and the shattered wood prieces of what was once my brush. 

"well that was perfectly normal." I said sarcastically at him with my hands on my hips as I blew a strand of loose red hair out of my face. 

"I'm not normal, I keep trying to tell you I'm an animal!" He yelled as he struggled against the ropes again, making the chair wobble. 

"then I'll tame you." He stopped struggling when I said that and looked at me with raised eyebrows. But for once he didn't try to stop me.

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AmySoph AmySoph 5 days ago
Literally me and my friends immediately think I'm in love no I'm just enjoying the view
blackvodka blackvodka Apr 04, 2016
So this book has no mates? Cause I'm honestly getting tired of the idea kf mates.
leecoleloca leecoleloca Feb 17, 2016
I felt a bit sorry for the rouge that got punched in the nutz with silver....but he deserved it for saying woman r only good for one thing....
goldenempiress goldenempiress Nov 13, 2016
Y do females in books are always over confident and never give there mate a chance its there down fall and just leads then to being hurt later on there pride gets in the way
MommaDemon MommaDemon Sep 24, 2015
You love her, you love her, you really, really love her-Despicable me
MoksiMeti MoksiMeti Jul 27, 2015
The grammar of the story is good, but when there comes a dialogue.. The grammar is suddenly down the drain :/ Really weird.