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What now Alpha

What now Alpha

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xxsurfgurlxx By xxsurfgurlxx Updated Jan 03, 2014

"I Jace Slade reject you Katty Hike as my mate" and with that he just smirked at me .
"W why" I studtter like an wimp as I feel my heart break and as my wolf howls in pain.
"Ha look at u your a nerd your weak and not fit to be a luna and not good enough for me I mean look at all this" Jace says as he points to he body "and look at you a pathetic nerd " and with that he walks off and I run and break down crying then I come with a thought im gonna make him regret rejecting me and making me feel hopless. Watch out Alpha here a come hahah

Wow soooo rare it isn't like there is about 100000000000000000000000000 billion of them on whattpad.
RileyPortelli RileyPortelli Nov 17, 2016
Meh I fell asleep in class because I was lazy. I won't even get up for FOOD sometimes
error13425 error13425 Dec 06, 2014
um I no this is a new book but PLEASE spelling errors are horrible
Rear? Awesome! I have one too.... They're not really rare though...
preciousG20 preciousG20 Jun 02, 2014
oh OK sorry i was just helping i mean is always good to try to help the writer with her mistake so she wont make to many mistake in her next chapter.
deletedandhacked deletedandhacked May 11, 2014
OMG just enjoy the damn story I bet she doesn't CEARS and yes I'm referring to the book just to piss you off