The Fighter's Club #Wattys2015Winner

The Fighter's Club #Wattys2015Winner

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2015 Hot Genre: Urban Fiction Winner

Book 1

"It was her soul that got me. I felt her way before I knew her, that's as real as it gets. I had to chase her because she was already mine."
Devyn Angel Gooden had never had it easy. Every step she'd taken in life has been followed by something or someone making her take two steps back. Despite her misfortunes and string of bad luck, Devyn has managed to secure her footings as a notorious club owner all of Miami respects or fears. You'd never catch her asking for a handout, she keeps to herself and focuses on her only love; the money. Devyn never expected anything to ever get into her head enough to make her switch focus until she met him: Hayden "Chance" Sanchez.
At only the age of twenty-five, Hayden "Chance" Sanchez wasn't just another nigga in the streets. He moved different with a determination and focus he just knew the world was for the taking right beneath his fingertips. If he wanted something, he was going to get it. The streets were his playground and he was the king of it all. His feelings were detachable and no love was ever lost when it came down to subject of women: He didn't have time for a relationship or the patience. Yet the second he laid eyes on the memorizing and intriguing Devyn; he sees her as challenge a man of his stature will never back down from.
As a race to thaw cold hearts ensues, will Devyn or Chance be too caught up in love to realize the deception or betrayal that is right around the corner?
In a tale of two hustlers who learned to love the root of all evil before their selves, finding love won't be easy. Hearts will be broken and put back together, tears will be shred, and Miami will never be the same. In the end, Devyn and Chance will find their selves asking: is there really power in a hustler's love?

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lilcheyxx lilcheyxx Oct 01, 2016
what/? i'm confused at the last part of itroduction.😭😭😭
Ladyray1994 Ladyray1994 Feb 09, 2017
love this book and females can be bosses also but I love the main character
AfricanDoll__ AfricanDoll__ Sep 05, 2016
I'm confused on the introduction 😔 i don't understand it or was it supposed to be this way ?
_keeelo _keeelo Feb 15, 2017
I WAS super confused until i got to the end. i was like whaaaat? a dude thats 5'3 lol
ShakambreannaMay ShakambreannaMay Jul 07, 2016
Your intro is what everyone should have in their books. It just gave me life.  Frfr👍🏽♥️
_darkie_ _darkie_ Nov 23, 2015
This book is definitely not inspired by the movie or book Fight Club